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Child safety: Bollards to resemble children

Original headline: You'd better mind the bollards

Speed humps, 20mph zones and warning triangles on roads outside schools may be a familiar - and sometimes frustrating - sight to keen boy racers.

But one school in Leicester has gone a step further by introducing bollards made to look like children.

The metal figures have been installed outside Avenue Primary in Leicester and if they prove a success could be used across the city. They are life sized and even have big, staring eyes to shock drivers into slowing down.

Councillor Patrick Kitterick told the press there had been a mixed reaction to the bollards: "Some people find them scary with these big eyes staring at you, others find them amusing. The whole point is if people actually slow."

Who knows, perhaps the next initiative will be metal lollipop ladies? The models, which come in an array of skin tones and either gender, cost pound;350 each.

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