ChildLine research done on anonymous transcripts

Alison Wales policy and information officer, ChildLine Scotland

I refer to the recent article in The TESS headlined "Drink is as bad as drugs in the home". This article reported that a number of charities, including ChildLine Scotland, were calling on Scotland's new government properly to address parental alcohol misuse.

While I appreciate the opportunity to highlight this issue, I was concerned that your report gave the impression that ChildLine "asked" callers for responses when carrying out research.

I would like to make it clear that any research undertaken on our databases - such as the example given in your article - is done on anonymised transcripts of calls and represents the unsolicited concerns of children and young people in Scotland today.

Children and young people call ChildLine to talk about what they need to talk about, and receive an individual service on that basis. We would never undertake research which involved asking callers specific questions for our own research purposes. This would compromise the essential helpline service we offer children and young people.

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