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Children on Anne Fine

Kate Williams, right, aged seven, of Welshampton C of E primary, Shropshire: "I couldn't read 'How to Write Really Badly' because I was laughing too much. I read (her books) out loud to my family and we all laugh like drains."

Charlotte Steventon, nine, of Woodbury Salterton primary school, near Exeter "She (can) make you think deep down about her books and she can make you vey emotional."

Alex Stansbury, 14, Thornden school, Chandlers Ford, Hampshire: "She combines humour that appeals to young people with powerful themes and emotions that open the eyes of children to serious issues."

Richard Nichols, 12, of Leeds grammar school: "When she came round to our school she was very funny . . . She was not shy either, and spoke up well."

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