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Children getting fatter rather than fitter

Many small children are getting fatter rather than fitter. It's estimated that one four-year-old out of five is already overweight, while one in 10 is obese. Our children spend less time taking exercise than those in the rest of Europe. Kids for Life 2000 is a physical education campaign aimed at key stage 1 pupils. Supported by software company Mattel and its buck-toothed presenter Reader Rabbit, the campaign willtake place during June. It seeks to bring together the passive pleasures of interacting with a screen and the challenges of active engagement with real people, places and things. Registration for the campaign costs pound;99 and includes a resource pack (with a 6-metre parachute, a teacher's guide and CD-Rom software) from Kids for Life Campaign. Tel: 01276 684508. Fax: 01276 684505. Website:

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