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Children need an artistic licence

HOW much did the study - commissioned by the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce - cost? (TES, October 13).

For how many years has it been suggested that the arts should have equal status with all other curriculum subjects, that all art forms should have the same status, and that dance and drama should not fall under the auspices of PE and English respectively?

And why should the report consider the purpose of the arts might be to boost academic ahievement - as if the arts themselves were not academic in their own right?

I haven't felt annoyed enough to write since I became irritated at results tables in The TES never showing drama A-level results in their own right.

Obviously no one at RSA has bothered to listen to what arts teachers have been saying for years - and probably nothing will be done about it this time - as usual!

Kathy Sharpe

Course leader, HND performing arts

Truro College, Cornwall

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