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Children's books

LIKE ME LIKE YOU SERIES. By Jillian Powell. Evans. pound;9.99 per title (six titles)

This is a wonderful series, focusing on real children with particular illnesses or disabilities, showing readers how they and the people around them adapt.

In Aneil has a Food Allergy, Aneil takes us through a typical day in his life. Written in the first person, the text has an easy, informal style and emphasises that Aneil is like any other boy: he rides a bike, plays with family and friends, watches TV, goes to a birthday party - he just has to take care what he eats and has medication to hand for emergencies.

Sam uses a Wheelchair follows a young girl with spina bifida as she practises wheelchair racing, visits the youth club and plays a PlayStation dance game using her fingers.

In all the books there is a "can do" emphasis. Other titles focus on Zack (asthma), Becky (diabetes), Jordan (hearing loss) and Luke (Down syndrome).

All are attractive, with outstanding colour photographs.

Each book is endorsed by a prominent association (for example, Asthma UK) and there are simple glossary, index and further information pages.

The reading level is for Years 2 to 4, but the photographs are so effective that lots of information and discussion could arise from them alone.

Kevin Harcombe

Headteacher, Redlands primary school, Fareham

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