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Children's rights made clear

Following your article headlined "Children's rights a recipe for confusion" (TESS, March 29), there are two points of clarification I would wish to make regarding the references made to my contribution.

I did not suggest that the decision in opening records would be made "on the resources available" nor is this a view which I hold. I did suggest that on occasions demands for recording may be driven by a parental perception of "guaranteed additionality". I also made reference to the issue of resources both with regard to mainstream provision, given that the number of recorded young people may have increased, and the increase in cost of specialist provision from areas within the independent sector.

On the subject of children's rights I endorsed explicitly the principles of the Children (Scotland) Act and the UN Convention on Children's Rights. The confusion which I identified sought to cross-refer the explicit rights within the Children Act set against current education statute which is largely predicated on parents rights rather than those of children.

BOB McKAY Director of education Perth and Kinross

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