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Chilly farewell trip;Diary

FAREWELL, then, Anthea Millett, inspiration of the Teacher Training Agency and friend of university education departments everywhere. She will leave the much-loved service at the end of the year, after seeing out her five-year contract.

At 58, she has decided 35 years of public service are enough. Also, as this week's TTA review reveals there is an "endemic, long-hours culture" at the agency.

Where will she go? Plenty of deans would send her to Siberia as thanks. In fact, Anthea is planning to travel and has booked a place on a cruise as a retirement present. She sets sail on January 3, 2000 - for Antarctica.

Won't it be a bit, well, chilly? With the masterly technique developed over five years of glossing over recruitment figures, she replies sweetly:

"Don't forget, it'll be summer down there."

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