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Chippy about setting an example

The Government's ban on personal wastebins may make it harder for officials in the Department for Education and Skills to dispose of crisp packets. But why are they allowed crisps? If pupils and staff in schools have to do without, so should they. Nor should they have chips more than twice a week, as the new nutritional guidelines for schools suggest.

Alas, the Diary has fresh evidence that the re-education of DfES officials is not yet complete. A TES reporter who has spent two weeks working at Lilian Baylis school in Lambeth watched five DfES officials enter the canteen during a visit last Friday. Now Lilian Baylis is more than a step ahead of the guidelines: it serves chips only once a week and always provides a range of healthy alternatives. But last Friday happened to be chips day. So did the officials choose the salad or jacket potatoes to accompany their delicious, bread-crumbed fish? Of course not. All five went for the chips.

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