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Chocolate is the new black

ALL ABOUT MATERIALS. Key stage 1. Granada Learning pound;49. Tel: 0161 827 2660. Format: PCMac.

In keeping with others in the All About... series, this features four sections. "Properties" opens to offer four activities that fit well with requirements for infants, and provides a useful consolidation work for Year 3s with low attainment.

Children are asked why windows are not made from cork, for example, and given a word bank and a blank sheet on which to record their ideas. (But if you opt to hear the words, you can't then click to make them appear on the sheet.) There are 12 such questions, and this activity can be printed and used away from the computer. Use the "Tank" section to gauge what objects will sink, float above r float just below the surface, and the two reinforcement games to find magnetic objects. Or how about an interactive branching story about green jelly?

On the main screen you can play with Venn diagrams or pelmanism, watch one of six videos or grapple with the meaning and uses of words such as bent, twisted, pushed, pulled, pressed, rolled and spiral. Finally, the Activities button provides a notepad, slide show, quiz and a chance to see what a T-shirt made of chocolate would look like.

If you like the series, this will hold no surprises for you. The progression back to the main screen though a series of door icons still strikes me as ponderous, but this is a minor niggle in an otherwise excellent resource.

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