8 reasons to be cheerful at end of year like no other

As Scottish schools finally break up for Christmas, here's a round-up of good news to put a smile on your face

Henry Hepburn

Reasons to be cheerful at end of term like no other

To say it's been a tough old term is like saying Hillary and Tenzing found the going a bit tricky on Everest.

But by the end of this afternoon, finally, every school in Scotland will be on holiday and staff will  they hope get a chance to draw breath at this midway point in the calendar.

The goalposts keep shifting, of course, and it looks like all pupils won't now be back inside their schools until 18 January at the very earliest. For now, though, let's try to cast aside all the anxiety about what Covid will spring upon schools in 2021, and find reasons to be cheerful.

As is often the case in a crisis, there has been a huge amount to celebrate in how schools have responded to the pandemic. When I tweeted last week asking for the good news that might have been missed in those most challenging of years, I got some brilliant and heartwarming responses.

Here, then, is just a sample of the countless sources of inspiration that Scottish schools have given us in what has been, for most in the sector, the most difficult year of their entire careers.

1. The primary school nativities that went ahead (in a new, digital format) were something else


2. As were the secondary school Christmas concerts

3. Schools have proven their value to communities like never before in recent times

Just look at this from Alva Academy.

4. We've never had a more deserving list of Tes Scotland people of the year

And there could be only one choice for person of the year.

LISTEN: Who are Tes Scotland's people of the year?

WATCH: The school sending you a smile this Christmas

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5. Teachers should draw confidence from how they have coped with everything that has been thrown at them

6. This year's collective technology crash course will stand schools in good stead for years to come

7. Despite what you may have read elsewhere, there has been no shortage of parents expressing deep gratitude for what schools have done this year

8. All in all, schools' efforts since Covid first surged in March  as this tweet succinctly sums up have been "exceptional"

All involved really should be incredibly proud.

Here's to a (far) better 2021 – but don't forget the positives that can be drawn from 2020. To everyone now starting their Christmas holiday, we wish you a very merry festive season and a happy new year.

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Henry Hepburn

Henry Hepburn

Henry Hepburn is the news editor for Tes Scotland

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