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Christmas quiz

Before the joys of the season finally erode the small part of your brain left after the long autumn term, try to recall the highlights of the year that was 2002. Compiled by Amanda Kelly

1 Who do the public trust to tell the truth more, according to a MORI poll in February: police officers, teachers, priests or judges?

2 Which no-nonsense politician said she might have been a Latin mistress if a career in Parliament had not beckoned?

3 What do multi-millionaire car dealer Sir Peter Vardy, coat hanger manufacturer Peter Shalson and employment agency entrepreneur Alec Reed have in common?

4 What would less than half of boarding school pupils inflict on their own children?

5 Arts minister Baroness Blackstone came to the defence of which humble musical instrument this year after it was dubbed "boring" and "uncool"?

6 Which children's author launched a high-profile attack on the National Literacy Strategy after becoming the first young people's author to receive the Whitbread book of the year prize?

7 How much did the Church of England pay to purchase Nottingham Emmanuel secondary school from the city coucil?

8 In which sport did Edward Gould, this year's chairman of the Headmasters'

and Headmistress' Conference, represent Great Britain?

9 A pound;20,000 cash grant to support art education in primary schools was launched in the name of which plastic blonde siren of the toy world?

10 What is the most expensive private school in the country?

11 Which popular education figure quit her post after claiming she was not up to the job?

12 Which well-known actor's former headteacher described him as a "somewhat quiet, withdrawn boy" who only took part in one school play and who "passed through school without any colour at all"?

13 Who presented his own son with two school history prizes as Presidents Bush and Putin signed their historic arms pact in May?

14 Retired teacher James Murray won the first-ever Internet libel payout after a slur was placed on which famous website?

15 Patricia Amos became the first mother to be jailedfor what offence?

16 "What good is it being world champion if people think you're a wanker?"

was the anger-management philosophy given by which sporting star to pupils at Hailey Hall special school?

17 Who took over from Lord Puttnam as chair of England's General Teaching Council?

18 What prompted Prince Charles to launch a major new drive to promote vocational education this year?

19 What offers many excluded pupils the best hope of a decent education, according to Lord Warner, chairman of the Youth Justice Board?

20 Which teacher was suspended on full pay after smacking a pupil across the face in front of 14.8 million people?

ANSWERS 1 Teachers 2 Ann Widdecombe 3 They are all donating part of their fortunes to help fund the Government's new City Academies 4 A boarding school education 5 Recorder 6 Phillip Pullman 7 pound;1 8 Rowing 9 Barbie 10 Roedean 11 Estelle Morris 12 Colin Firth 13 Tony Blair 14 Friends Reunited 15 Allowing her two daughters to repeatedly play truant 16 Boxer Chris Eubank 17 John Beattie 18 His discovery that re-flooring work at Buckingham Palace was being carried out almost entirely by Australians 19 Prison 20 Coronation Street's Ken Barlow

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