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Christopher Curtis

Curriculum team leader for mathematics, Frome Community College, Somerset

Thought for the day I have a projector in my classroom and have found an extremely simple and practical use for it during registration times. I have created Daily PowerPoint - a presentation for each day of the week - which I set up to run on a repeat cycle as members of my tutor group arrive in the morning.

It contains regular features, such as the date, the timetable for the day and reminders about morning routines (for example, "Handwriting practice is on the board").

I also include a different daily Stop and Think slide. This might be the thought for the week from our assembly package, a joke, an unfamiliar piece of vocabulary, a science "fun fact" or a rebus puzzle.

I also use the PowerPoint shows to inform pupils of any changes in routine and to pass on individual messages and requests (for example, "John, please take the equipment at the front of the classroom to room nine").

I find using the board in this way helps my Year 7 pupils focus and settle quickly, and it helps me to concentrate on welcoming individuals rather than trying to remember messages and errands. They, in turn, appreciate the reminders and enjoy the jokes and puzzles. Having set up the templates, they can be quickly adapted to include items specific to each day.

For jokes, puzzles and other items to add to daily presentations, I visit www.wordsmith.orgawad

Caroline Coster

ICT co-ordinator, Henlow VC Middle School, Henlow, Bedfordshire

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