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Chucking out time

A Glasgow head, no doubt eager to promote real alternatives to exclusion, felt his staff would benefit from a greater awareness of how they do things in faraway places.

"I thought this article from Tuesday's Telegraph might prove interesting to you all," he wrote. "PUPILS THROWN OUT OF SCHOOL.

"Two Moroccan schoolboys were injured yesterday when their woman teacher threw them out of a first-floor classroom window for being too noisy. One, aged nine, was taken to hospital in Casablanca with a broken shoulder and head injuries. The other, aged 10, was only slightly hurt.

"An education official said the teacher had warned the pair she would throw them out. 'They did not listen. They should have,' he said."

The heidie was at pains to warn his staff: "Please do not operate this sanction. I suspect our officials in Charing Cross (Glasgow's education HQ) would not be as sympathetic."

We're not so sure.

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