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KS3: Are you a NIMBY? Pupils "receive a letter" informing them that their school surroundings are going to be converted into a wind farm. Provide some created figures on turbine numbers, height, amount of electricity produced for the town etc. Have a quick secret ballot. Who agrees to it? Who does not? Then debate the issues and categorise them; aesthetic, moral, financial, environmental, rights etc. Vote again. Have opinions changed? Why?

KS3: Pupils imagine amp; discuss what their lives would be like without electricity (health hospitals, communication, lighting, etc.). What are the top five things they would miss? 24 per cent of the world's population does not have access to electricity. With no internet, telephone or TV, would people have a different sense of connection to the world around them? Would their community be better or worse than one with electricity? Ask for reasons.

KS4: Create a "visible debate" (a wall display with a "for" and an "against" area) or an assembly for other Year groups that explores issues about electricity production and the environment. Use the Friends of the Earth Website ( to find helpful information.

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