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Key themes: identity and culture, rights, law, stereotypesprejudice discriminationracism persecution, immigration, liberty and social justice, EU expansion and the media.

KS34: Invite pupils to share their views and knowledge about Gypsies through drawings and phrases. Explore Gypsy stereotypes, and check them with facts from the articleweb research. How might stereotypes generate prejudice? Does the media contribute to racial prejudice? (See recent tabloid coverage of EU expansion.) Introduce the term "Roma" and types of Roma. Ask children to imagine living as Roma: what are their cultural values? How are they treated by non-Roma? Is UK law fair towards them? Are they being denied any UN human rights? What can they do to improve things for themselves? What responsibilities do non-Roma and Roma have towards each other?

Ask the history, geography and maths departments to help chart the migration of Roma from India to England over the centuries (www.

geocities.comParis5121timeline.htm). Are there any other cultures that have migrated like this, and been persecuted? Why does persecution happen? Pupils might give an assembly, create a display, write to MPsMEPslocal councillors, or present their findings to their peers, and use these activities for self-assessment.

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