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Possible themes: heroes, national identity, the role of media in society, propaganda (1b, 1g, 2 of PoS).

How do heroes such as Nelson help shape a nation's sense of identity? Who are the British heroes or role models of today, and what virtues does our society celebrate through them? Who should be modern British heroes? Would we think differently about Trafalgar if it had been reported by modern media? How and why? Is truth the "first casualty of war" and can the media prevent this?

Students could vote for a focus question after reading the Trafalgar article and jot down their initial answer. They could then enquire, using modern examples where possible, into the question through group dialogues.

At the end of their discussions, they might write their answers again in the light of ideas shared. The before and after answers can be used to evaluate what differences in thought the dialogue has brought about.

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