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Citizenship - Looking at the lives of others

What the lesson is about

These resources can be used to examine migration and different native cultures.

How to use it

A lesson on refugees, put together by Christian Aid and uploaded by LearnGG, was designed to be used with a youth group but could be adapted for use in schools.

One activity looks at the history of migration. It includes several sets of short cards, covering situations such as Idi Amin's expulsion of Asians from Uganda in 1973, characters such as a Roman soldier arriving in London and reasons for migration such as escaping a war or searching for a better future.

In another lesson, uploaded by TCT, pupils can learn about the lives of Burmese refugees living in Thailand, with the help of video and first-hand accounts.

A lesson on human rights aims to help pupils understand that not all countries recognise human rights in the same way and that denial of rights can lead some people to become refugees (QCDA_Resources). A Teachers TV film features a Somalian refugee who arrived looking for a better life, while a second film looks at the stories of several refugees and asylum- seekers, covering issues including learning English and fitting in at school.

Resources on native cultures include a lesson uploaded by nationalarchives that asks pupils to investigate the early contact between Europeans and North Americans. Using primary source diary extracts, students can understand the first encounters between the settlers and the indigenous peoples. A set of resources contributed by smcelhoney1 aims to give pupils an insight into North American culture.

Where to find it

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