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Citizenship - A pertinent time to reflect

An earthquake, tsunami and impending nuclear disaster in Japan, revolution and upheaval in the Middle East and a civil war in Ivory Coast - global citizenship has rarely been so pertinent. This collection contains everything you need to get students to think about and reflect on their position as part of the human race.

A climate change teaching pack, put together by experts at Manchester Metropolitan University, includes five lessons, covering the greenhouse effect, carbon dioxide, ozone, the effects of climate change and slowing down global warming, and can be used with S1-3 or S4-6 (pinknoodles).

Conflict-related resources include a case study put together by the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust on the genocide in Darfur. The pack focuses on individuals and villages and can be used in conjunction with the book Tears of the Desert, a first-hand account of the atrocities. A lesson on child soldiers includes activities and videos (BrummyBoy) and the charity War Child has uploaded a series of lessons on the issues surrounding conflict-related poverty.

Among general global citizenship resources is a photo activity put together by Global Dimension, where pupils are asked to look at what is global about a series of pictures, while the charity Action Aid has produced a toolkit featuring a range of activities promoting active citizenship.

Lesson plans uploaded by Google cover Fairtrade, identifying Fairtrade products and the advantages of operating within a Fairtrade partnership, then students design a presentation to inform the consumer. Lesson plans developed by the charity Plan UK look at everyday life in Ghana and compare values and customs in Ghana and the UK.

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