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Citizenship - Resource to beat prejudice

A new teaching resource that tackles controversial issues including racism and sectarianism in Scotland has been launched.

A' Adam's Bairns? aims to challenge the perceptions of pupils aged 10-14 using songs, stories and historical sources to examine Scotland's diversity and the influences which have helped to shape the country. It also considers the role of Scots abroad and their impact, both positive and negative.

Among the topics covered by the resource are Scotland's links with slavery, the Highland Clearances, women's suffrage, asylum seekers and refugees, and gypsies and travellers. It also covers Scottish identity and forms of prejudice, including the problem of sectarianism in Scotland.

The resource, a CD-ROM and accompanying booklet which will be sent to all Scottish schools, uses a wealth of material held by the National Library of Scotland and the National Archives of Scotland, containing more than 50 classroom activities, support materials, teaching strategies, source material and songs, as well as links to a range of external websites.

The pack is produced by Scotdec (Scottish Development Education Centre) in partnership with the National Library of Scotland and is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.


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