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Citizenship - Rights stories

An Amnesty International competition is calling on young people to write a compelling human rights story.

These can delve into personal experience, with themes such as bullying or what it is like to be a refugee, or provide an interpretation of a news story.

A successful article will contain a balance of factual information and the feelings and opinions of the writer. They should be 200-250 words long for P3-S2 entries and up to 500 words for S3-6. Entries in S3-6 categories may contain photographs and podcasts, but prizes will be awarded for quality of writing only.

Top entries from each age category in Young Human Rights Reporter of the Year will be published at the prestigious Amnesty International UK Media Awards in London on May 19, 2011.

The competition officially opens on January 4 and the deadline is February 14. The four age groups for Scottish entries are: P3-7, S1-2, S3-4 and S5- 6.

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