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Citizenship - Vote for yourself

The Hansard Society is supporting mock elections in schools across the UK to coincide with the European elections on June 4.

The website Y Vote Mock Elections provides an introduction to the mechanics and issues involved in an election and explores issues surrounding democracy and justice at a European level, giving a taste of how elections work on the ground.

The downloadable Y Vote pack contains:

- a step-by-step guide to running a mock election;

- ballot papers, registration forms, poll cards, manifesto templates and other essentials;

- cue cards explaining mock elections;

- activity ideas to encourage and promote student involvement;

- European election lesson plans.

Teachers can register their school to submit their results to the national count (announced on June 15) and receive more free resources and support. The website includes information about European parliamentary elections, a glossary of political jargon, games and quizzes for students, and links to political parties and other sources of information.

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