Clarke says grid 'failing to develop'

AN EDUCATION minister has conceded that the National Grid for Learning is failing to develop as quickly as he would like.

Charles Clarke, the junior minister for school standards who is responsible for the grid, said: "I'm not completely happy, no. I think not yet enough has been done."

Some observers have criticised the Government's failure to get the computer industry more involved with the grid. Mr Clarke said harnessing the "creative energy" of major computer companies was needed to ensure success.

David Blunkett, the Education Secretary, last week announced another Pounds 105 million to develop content and infrastructure for the grid. However, Mr Clarke said it was not just a question of money, but "determination, creativity and doing things differently".

Consortiums are preparing bids for a share of the Pounds 230 million from the National Lottery's New Opportunities Fund to train teachers in using information technology.

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