The class book review: George and the Blue Moon, by Lucy and Stephen Hawking

Heather Wright

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Title: George and the Blue Moon
Authors: Lucy Hawking and Stephen Hawking
Publisher: Doubleday Children's Books

Teacher review

This book is perfect for this time of increased interest in space travel. With lots of budding astronauts inspired by Tim Peake and discovering an interest in all things cosmos, I can see this book being whisked from our library shelves at rocket speed.

Readers will not be disappointed by the pacey, action-packed plot line. Although this isn’t the first "George" book, it’s easy to jump straight into to the adventures of George and Annie without knowing what antics they have been up to before. The text is peppered with references to their previous explorations. These add a nice context and would make children want to read more in the series.

I can see our Year 5 and Year 6 pupils loving the contemporary, up-to-date references – such as iTunes and YouTube – making the book relatable to the trendiest (or should I say sickest?) of 11-year-olds.

Those pupils with a keen interest in science will really appreciate the factual pages by some of the world’s best scientists. They help the reader understand all the science and technology language in the book and will appeal well to sci-fi fans.

Mixed in with the far-fetched world of cosmic travel are real issues: bullying, friendship-building and family troubles. The strong friendship of George and Annie gives the story warmth, and you find yourself cheering the characters on in their quest.

What seems like a dream come true, as George and Annie join the astronaut-training programme, soon turns into a whole different matter. George and Annie’s doubts about the training build as the programme goes on, but they never expect that they’ll meet an old enemy at Kosmodrome 2. What is Rika Dur up to?

Join George and Annie on this fast, action-packed, edge-of-your-seat rollercoaster of a sci-fi adventure to find out more.

Heather Wright is middle leader for oracy at the District CE Primary School in Merseyside​

Pupil reviews

George and the Blue Moon is an outstanding, action-packed novel, filled with mystery and dangerous dilemmas.

Combining with his daughter, Lucy, Stephen Hawking has conjured up an astonishing storyline, which will keep you hanging on the edge of your seat gasping for more.

George and his best friend Annie have been selected to train to be astronauts. Everything at Kosmodrome 2, the place at which they train, is breathtaking and out of this world. However, there are many questions bubbling up in their minds. Why has Annie's dad been fired from working at Kosmodrome 2? What is Rika hiding? What is Artemis?

Read this fantastic book to find out! With its significant events and frequent humour, this book is just right for anyone who is interested in space and science. I would rate this book 4.5 stars out of 5.

Do you want to go on a fabulous adventure? Well there is only one thing for it: READ THIS BOOK!

Safia Wright, Year 6, pupil librarian

Written by scientist Stephen Hawking and his daughter, Lucy, this is a book that will have you on edge.

With its never-ending action scenes, George and the Blue Moon is a sci-fi novel embedded with endless science and futuristic possibilities.

With its few science pages, this book is a pure cosmic adventure. If you enjoyed Across the Zodiac, then you will love George and the Blue Moon.

Have you ever read about robots that look, talk and act like a dad? Well, read this book and this will become a known thing that will stick with you for ever.

With its cosmic adventures and its amazing space scenes, this is just right for future astronauts.

Morgen Lamb, Year 6, pupil librarian

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Heather Wright

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