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Class debates

Contemporary History Weekly.

This site has a rather misleading title. I am certain that it could increase its teacher hits by calling itself something closer to what it is: an archive of really excellent ideas based around the theme of class debates.

It is essentially a source of that precious commodity - the bright idea. There is a strong English, PSHE, citizenship feel to it.

The archive consists of a series of pages geared to particular themes. The range is fascinating, from Liz Hurley's dress (May 1998) to the question of whether ITV's quiz show Who Wants to be a Millionaire? is trivial.

Each page is cleverly structured, providing suggested starter questions. It is easy to see how the lesson deas could be used with other resources, particularly web based research.

It is also very reasonably priced at pound;1 per lesson, working out at pound;40 per year. Back copies in the archive can be accessed and purchased.

The real value of the site lies in the expertise of itscreator. Here we have the ideas of someone whoknows how to teach.It's not technical wizardry,but it's good practice.

I was impressed with the teacher's guide which accompanies the site. It could be used completely independently from the site as a guide to discussion on any subject. It would be particularly valuable for newly qualified teachers or teachers constructing a new programme with more than half an eye on the introduction of citizenship.

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