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Class sizes of 80 can be good for pupils

Classes of 80? (TES, July 4) Yes, why not?

Involving large numbers of students in imaginative lead lessons or plenaries that draw learning together can be very successful. Done properly, well prepared, and in appropriate accommodation with up-to-date equipment, there is no reason why they can't be effective. Resourcing is the key.

Non-teachers involved in lessons? Yes please. There are so many examples of talented people, who are not teachers, having a positive impact on students, we should encourage more involvement. But this should not be at the expense of teachers and the non-teachers should be fairly paid. Again, resourcing is key.

The remodelling of the school workforce should not be a threat and could be an opportunity. Success or failure will depend on how well it is implemented.

We need clarity about funding, a clear reward structure for non-teaching staff, effective training programmes and the sharing of good practice. It could enhance the role of teachers and improve teaching and learning - but it will not be cheap.

Stuart Satinet Principal Pilton community college Barnstaple, Devon

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