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Classic error

Professor Robert Fowler. Chair, and Professor Malcolm Schofield President, The Classical Association, London

We write on behalf of the 3,500 members of the Classical Association to deplore the OCR exam board's recent decision to incorporate A-level ancient history into A-level classical civilisation.

This decision comes at a time when numbers of students are rising sharply and public interest in the subject has never been higher. It eliminates the last possibility for the serious study of ancient history at this level in the UK.

Greco-Roman history is the bedrock of Europe and the West and cannot be adequately treated simply as a part of literature or cultural studies.

There is no chance for proper study of major topics, such as Athenian democracy or the Roman Empire, and the valuable, transferable skills acquired through historical training are lost.

We urge OCR to reverse this decision and prevent the damage it will inflict on the quality of education in this country.

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