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Live Recorder

Book pound;6.95CD pound;12.95

Live Recorder, part of the Live Music series (see box), is designed for all teachers, even those who think they can't teach music. The 64-page books guide the teacher through learning to read and play music. The accompanying CD makes even the simplest one-note tune sound great. Book one teaches just five musical notes and basic time signatures and rhythms. Books two and three build on these foundations, using familiar tunes and songs to teach new notes and basic rhythms.

Recorders in Class: A New Approach

Book and CD; Yamaha pound;24.99

Written by teachers for teachers, the materials include a book of musical activities, an audio CD and a range of copyright-free photocopiable pupil flashcards and pages. Ensemble activities include singing and percussion.

The CD contains 94 high-quality musical examples and accompaniments in a range of musical styles. There are six units of work, each designed to last at least half a term.

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