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Classrooms 'provide safe haven from drugs'

Schools can be a safe haven for the children of problem drug users, according to the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs in its report, Hidden Harm, which investigates the effects of family drug problems on children.

It can be the only place where there is a pattern and structure in their lives,it says.

The council advises that schools should have at least one trained and designated person to deal with drugs issues.

It maintains that there are between 41,000 and 59,000 Scottish children with parents who use drugs, roughly4-6 per cent of under-16s.

But educational psychologists, speaking at their conference last September, suggested that this figure is a gross underestimate, with as many as one in five of the 70,000 Glasgow children possibly exposed to drugs within their families.

Only one in three people with a drug problem comes into contact with the services, psychologists said.

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