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Clever and calculating

THE SCIENCESOFT CALCULATOR Software for Windows PCs Pounds 59 ImageDesk, 13 North Oxford Business Centre, Lakesmere Close, Kidlington, Oxford OX5 1LG

Why has no one done this before? It is a versatile program operating under Windows 3.1, which provides four different kinds of calculator: advanced scientific, graphing, statistics and matrix arithmetic.

The scientific calculator can be set to operate in either standard mode (calculations done in the order in which they are entered) or in strict algebraic mode (calculations evaluated in priority).

There is an impressive list of functions, including complex numbers and Bessel functions. The calculator will evaluate definite integrals, and even return values from a normal distribution. The statistics version can be used to calculate the usual statistics but also is able to deal with five types of regression from linear to polynomial.

The graphing calculator will plot 5,000 pairs of co-ordinates. The graphs can be re-sized and have titles added. The matrix calculator can also be used to evaluate determinants and to solve simultaneous linear equations.

Why not just buy a good graphic calculator? A PC is not as portable, but this package has more functions for the same price and the great advantage of providing hard copy without the need for link packages and cables.

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