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Clipboard curse

I enjoy Mike Kent's columns as he comes from the same stance on headship as I do. In his latest, he wrote about the new Ofsted regulations ("A letter to the next PM", October 2). It has become apparent that there has been an increase in intimidation and pernicious attacks on our schools. Those that were good to outstanding are now labelled unsatisfactory, with one excellent school I know of put into special measures.

In Liverpool, this has quickly led to demoralisation and fear. One local school improvement partner likened the inspectors to rotweillers. A school they inspected has superb extra-curricular activities. But because a handful of children out of 360 exercise their their democratic right not to attend, the school was asked for the action plan to ensure these children participated.

A number of us are waiting for the publication of the first of these new inspection reports to see if there will be any good schools left in the country.

I am now seriously worried about my own, and my colleagues', health. Teachers who have given their lives to help children are being destroyed by people who couldn't wait to get out of the classroom and wave clipboards around.

A worried headteacher, Name and address supplied, Merseyside.

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