Closed units boost snake oil cures

YOUR report on the "dyslexia miracle" will amuse those of us of advanced years. I well remember AE Tansley, the charismatic former head of St Francis residential special school in Birmingham, promoting the link between poor reading and psychomotor performance. That was the Sixties and even then he was drawing on the earlier work of the American, CH Delacato.

Sadly, dyslexia has always attracted all manner of snake oil prescriptions. Even those with limited knowledge of this disability know that it is highly complex and requires multi-level assessment and programmes.

What I deplore is the closure of special schools and units, under pressure from the "full inclusion" lobby. Ordinary class teachers cannot be expected to cope not only with dyslexia but even more disruptive disabilities.

While expertise is eroded away in the public sector all manner of bizarre theories and private provision will thrive.

Charles Gains 15 Hall Brow Close Ormskirk Lancashire

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