Coaching Solutions Resource Book

COACHING SOLUTIONS RESOURCE BOOK. By Will Thomas. Network Educational Press pound;24.95

"Coaching" is one of those terms that suffers from having too many connotations and applications. The type of coaching to which this book refers is a million miles away from what goes on in gyms and on pitches where coaches are experts who drive people to achieve, often in a single-minded way.

This book is a follow-up to the more theoretical Coaching Solutions, and is an unashamedly "tips for teachers" book with lots of useful ideas and photocopiable pages for using with groups as well as individuals. Most of the activities are multi-purpose, so they can be used with pupils as well as staff.

Although occasionally gimmicky and simplistic, it's well written and clearly presented. Chapters are organised around the Stride model: S is for looking at people's strengths, T for identifying the target, R for what the real situation is, I for ideas, D for decisions and E for evaluation.

Almost everything is useful, such as the taxonomy of questions for different stages of the model and the importance of reframing beliefs that can restrict progress. I only wish there was an alternative term to coaching or mentoring for what's being cited by so many organisations as a fundamental and powerful form of personal and professional development in schools.

Sara Bubb's Helping Teachers Develop is published by SagePaul Chapman, Pounds 15.99

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