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Collaborate and you will be all over PPA cover

I agree with Mike Kent that if all the unreasonable demands ceased, teachers would be able to plan, prepare and assess more effectively ("Cover we can do without", Comment, 1 February). However, I think he is wrong to denigrate PPA time. Instead, he should examine creative approaches to PPA cover. In the 1980s at my primary school every class had a music lesson, a PE lesson and a cooking lesson taken by someone who was not our class teacher, and during this time the class teacher was elsewhere. Surely creative approaches such as this can prevent the problems of inconsistency and expense. My solution worked, however, because it was a local authority school in Scotland and the music, PE and cooking teachers were all peripatetic and supplied out of a central budget. In these days of free-standing academies and national chains it is hard to see such a solution being allowed to take root, which is a pity.

David Kinnen, Teacher, Coventry.

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