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College keeps its leading role

Your article "Key role taken from leaders' college" (TES, January 14), gave a very misleading picture of the remit letter from the Department for Education and Skills to the National College for School Leadership.

We welcome this coherent and helpful letter. It recognises what we have achieved in the past five years, provides us with a clear direction for this year, and a signpost for the coming five years.

It demonstrates that developing school leaders is a key part of the Government strategy to improve schools, and that the college is at the forefront of that work. The profession will surely accept, as we do, the requirement of strict accountability for large amounts of taxpayers'


The Secretary of State makes clear the importance of NCSL in improving learning opportunities for school leaders and children and her reliance on the college as principal adviser on leadership issues. The remit letter confirms her expectation that it will continue to be the driving force for world-class leadership in this country.

The transfer of the National Remodelling Team to the Teacher Training Agency has been misrepresented in your article. The move is a very sensible one and entirely in keeping with the agency's enlarged remit to look after teachers' continuing professional development.

What's important is that the college focuses on meeting the development needs of middle and senior leaders, those entering headship, and experienced heads; whilst the TTA oversees more general professional develpment, which clearly includes the work of the remodelling team.

Vanni Treves Chairman of Governing Council National College for School Leadership, Triumph Road Nottingham

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