Colour me beautiful

Henry Ford famously offered his Model T in "any colour so long as it's black".

Today you can get virtually any colour yet research by the AA shows that six out of 10 new cars are blue, red or silver. Only one in 10 new cars is green or white. Just one in 100 is yellow, turquoise or pink.

So what does that say about us? Well, if your car is blue you likely to be a cautious driver, to be a reflective, introverted yet sociable team player.

Red car drivers are said to be outgoing, impulsive, full of energy, thinking, moving and talking quickly - and easily bored.

Red and blue cars are the most popular targets for thieves according to a survey by the AA in 1998, but that's perhaps not surprising as they are the most popular cars on the road.

Congratulations if you drive a silver car. Not only are you driving the safest car according to a study published in the British Medical Journal in 2003, but you're cool, calm, stylish and often successful. You can be a little pompous though.


1 Blue 6 Black

2 Red 7 Grey

3 Silver 8 Gold

4 Green 9 Mauve

5 White 10 Yellow

Source: the AA

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