Colourful past

Badger History for Foundation and Key Stage 1. History through Nursery Rhymes (Reception). Then and Now (Year 1). Using Evidence (Year 2). By Patricia and Steve Harrison. Big books pound;22 each, Teacher Books 19.50 each. Badger Publishing.

If you sometimes despair over resources for foundation and key stage 1 history, trying to fix young children's attention on the past rather than the present, you will welcome these wonderful big books.

History through Nursery Rhymes is perfect. The huge vibrant pictures will really get nursery children thinking about how things have changed since the days of Old Mother Hubbard boiling her kettle over an open fire. They will relate well to the "boys and girls come out to play" page but will say they haven't ever swung on a lamppost or played with a wooden hoop. The teacher book is full of useful information, supplies the full words of the nursery rhymes (very important) and some super activity sheets. This book alone would cover the history curriculum in the foundation stage with flying colours and could be returned to time and time again.

Year 1 and 2 teachers are catered for with two more big books linked with the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority and literacy curriculum. At first glance I thought "Oh no, no words" but this really is the beauty of the books because the vibrant pictures will be a great start to your history lessons and really fire children's imaginations.

Then and Now includes a dolls' house, children's games and homes over time.

Using Evidence covers the Great Fire of London, children at work and Tutankhamun. These are books you will refer to throughout the year and are some of the best I've seen for introducing children to historical concepts.

The teacher books are packed with information that will save you hours of research. For example, did you know that the mayor of London went to have a look the Great Fire when it started but decided it was nothing to worry about and went back to bed? The activity sheets are clear and cover important tasks such as making a timeline of the Great Fire of London and designing a poster for a horse-drawn omnibus.

Rebecca Chappell is a class teacher at Hamworthy First School and Nursery, Poole

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