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Comart picture is too dark

I was surprised to see my colleague councillor Keith Taylor suggesting that closing the East Brighton College of Media Arts (Comart) could cost as much as pound;17 million, as the figure has no factual basis to it (TES, September 26).

We have had preliminary discussions with our contractors Jarvis. But there are a large number of complex financial variables which could form the basis of any negotiations with them, and all of these would need to be considered before any total figures are arrived at.

While financial considerations are important, our primary concern is that the pupils at the college receive the best possible education.

No decision has yet been taken to close the college. The current situation there is that a new leadership team is in place, and the pupils there are working hard.

Whether Comart eventually stays open or closes, raising academic standards for the children of our city will always be our prime motivation.

Pat Hawkes


Children, families and schools committee

Brighton amp; Hove City Council

King's House

Grand Avenue


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