Newspapers run their "best of year" issue at Christmas. This is ours, tied to the bett 2005 educational technology show at Olympia, London, next week (January 12-15). Don't stop reading if you don't go to bett because this Online is for all our readers, with a subject-by-subject round-up of what's best in ict (pp 11-39).

The government agenda to "embed" ict in subject teaching is now under way, and teachers need support, not least with a curriculum which has hampered the adoption of ict. So it's good news that the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority is launching its Futures programme, "Meeting the Challenge", to discover what a future curriculum should look like (news, page 4). Some of its ambitious thinking on assessment is also worth a visit (page 40).

Most important, if you do go to bett, make sure you pay us a visit (stand E20, events page 4). Our high point will be the excellent Becta ict in Practice Awards, which we support. The event includes our keynote presenter, Prof Angela McFarlane (p78), looking at what the 2015 awards could offer, with cutting-edge insights from Nesta Futurelab (Seminar Theatre A, Thursday 10.30am). If you can't make it you can read all about the award-winners in our next Online (March 4).

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