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Comment - Nothing ranks above children's future

TES cymru's coverage of the Reynolds research caused a furore last November - and some recriminations in official circles. But there is a real need to probe the underbelly of public spending for children in Wales. And for all the right reasons.

The children and young people's committee must be applauded for investigating this highly sensitive area, and we will all welcome their findings and recommendations.

TES Cymru concedes that money is not the be-all and end-all in education - there are some great policies and teaching.

But, if Wales wants to bridge the funding gap with good teaching, then there is a problem. A lack of funds to train teachers means that the best teaching practice is not spreading as quickly as it should.

The pilot school effectiveness programme - intended to spread best practice across local authorities - is still in its infancy and has not yet made its mark.

We should not be all doom and gloom when headlines about the impending recession dominate. But surely there is a point here, and the truth must prevail?

What is more important to society than the education and health of our future generation? These must be made a funding priority, and one that ranks above nation-building. If not, we will fail as a society.

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