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Comments lose their glow

I was surprised to find that I had been quoted by Douglas Blane in an article which appeared in The TESS on September 14. I do not recall ever being interviewed by Mr Blane about the subject of the article and I was certainly never approached to give my permission for him to use the anecdote he mentions.

Therefore, I wish to clarify my quotation, which I believe has been taken out of context, and possibly reported second or third hand.

I did, indeed, present to a number of art and design teachers in Highland and I did mention that some of the difficulties they expressed distance between schools, difficulty in teachers meeting up on a regular basis to share ideasresources and so on would be addressed by Glow.

Furthermore, it is true to say that none of the teachers present in that particular training session had heard of Glow. However, I feel it is important that I point out that this occurred around nine months before the article was published hardly "recently", as is stated in the article.

Therefore, I do not think that the anecdote necessarily gives an accurate impression of how well informed (or otherwise) teachers are about Glow currently. I would be most unhappy if your readers got the impression that I, or Scran for that matter, had a negative attitude towards the implementation of Glow.

Douglas Blane replies: I took the anecdote directly from Lesley Stokes's blog at, which is in the public domain. So I'm surprised she feels permission is needed. "Recently", to me, meant this year, as Ms Stokes posted the piece in February. I do apologise if I have caused her any embarrassment, and it was not my intention to suggest that she or Scran had a negative attitude to Glow.

Lesley Stokes

education officer, Scran

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