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Organised by Thames Association for Early Education at Anglia Polytechnic University, Brentwood, Essex. Speaker: Professor Christine Pascal, Worcester College of Higher Education. Fee: Pounds 15, Pounds 5 members. Details: Margaret Gil, 0277 214357.

NOVEMBER 17 ENGLISH AS A SECONDADDITIONAL LANGUAGE WITHIN THE SCHOOL SETTING Organised by King's College's Centre for Educational Studies at its Hampstead (London NW3) campus. Topics include: OFSTED inspection, special needs, information technology and language assessment. Fee: Pounds 60. Details: Ming Tsow, 071 836 5454.

NOVEMBER 18-20 GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES: CHALLENGES FOR DEVELOPMENT EDUCATION Organised by Development Education Association at GMB National College, Manchester. Topics include: "Education for Sustainability and DE", and "The role of DE in challenging northern power bases". Fee: Pounds 110, Pounds 70 community local groups, local authorities and educational institutions, Pounds 60 non-residential. Details: Sandy Henderson, 071 490 8108.

NOVEMBER 18-19 OUR CHILDREN: OUR FUTURE - PRIMARY EDUCATION FOR TOMORROW Organised by Primary Schools Research and Development Group at Hornton Grange, Birmingham University Conference Park. Contributors include: Sir Malcolm Thornton MP, chairman, parliamentary select committee on education; Professor Maurice Galton, Leicester University; Gillian Pugh, National Children's Bureau; and Margaret Morrissey, National Confederation of Parent Teacher Associations. Fee: Pounds 145 residential, Pounds 95 non-res, Pounds 75 (Saturday only). Details: Educational Partners, 021 777 6505.

NOVEMBER 19 FIGHTING FOR UNDER-FIVES Organised by Campaign for State Nursery Provision at The Mechanics Institute, Manchester.

Speaker: Trevor Dickinson, retired HMI.

Plus workshops on choosing the best books for children, practical pointers for parents, and campaigning locally for nursery education. Fee: Pounds 5 or Pounds 10 including lunch. Details: Ela Robinson, 0833 690030 or Meg Gartside, 0706 44055.

NOVEMBER 19 THE FAMILY IN FOCUS Organised by International Year of the Family at Ashwell House Residence, London N1, to examine the family unit and the psychological and moral development of its members from infancy to old age.

Speakers include: Professor Richard Whitfield, honorary chairman, National Family Trust, and Dr Adrian Treloar, consultant psychiatrist, Maudsley Hospital. Fee: Pounds 10. Cr che available. Details: 071 229 5874.

NOVEMBER 23 BLACK FAMILY - WHITE WORKER: WHITE FAMILY - BLACK WORKER Organised by Exploring Parenthood project, Moyenda, at the Commonwealth Institute, Kensington High Street, London W8.

Speakers include: Diane Abbott MP; Ratna Dutt, director, Racial Equality Unit, Institute of Social Work; and Dr Morgan Dalphinis, CreoleNetwork Curriculum Co-ordinator. Fee: Pounds 85.

Details: Lynthia Grant, 081 960 1678.

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