Conferences and courses

"Interdisciplinary dialogues in arts education", the international InSEA congress for anyone involved in arts education will be held in Viseu, Portugal, March 1-5 (InSEA is an international organisation for visual arts educators). Themes include arts education and contemporary societiespeacenew technologies. Conclusions will be presented at the Unesco World Conference on Arts Education in Lisbon.


Tel: 00 351 232 996922


Making it Work is a programme of teachers' workshops led by professional craftspeople. Locations for 2006 include Sussex, Surrey, Berkshire, Worksop, Gateshead, Cambridge; the Devon Guild of Craftsmen; Somerset; and Lancashire. Contact Lesley Butterworth for more information.

Tel: 0118 939 9888

Urbis in Manchester is inviting key stage 23 classes to book a free workshop by December 31 to find out about its new resource, myartspace.

Following a visit to Urbis to explore urban culture and the cities of today and tomorrow, children take walking tours of the city armed with mobile phones, which they use to "collect" objects indicated on a special map and then create an online gallery. The project has been developed by The SEA (an organisation that "uses science, ecology and art to deliver innovation"). An invitation to a myartspace event and teachers' preview in January will be sent to teachers who register their school.

Tel: 0161 605 8205

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