Conferences and courses

"First Friday" seminars offered by the Citizenship Foundation, London EC2, include: history, historians and citizenship education, February 3; education, faith and citizenship, March 3; law-related education and the citizenship curriculum, May 5; developing political literacy through citizenship education, June 2; managing citizenship in the curriculum, July 7.

Tel: 020 7367 4130

CitizED is a Teacher Training Agency-sponsored project, which seeks to develop the knowledge of teachers, trainees and mentors in citizenship education. A series of seminars will be held in venues across England to December including: teaching and learning styles: lessons from and for citizenship education; citizenship, diversity and behaviour; citizenship and the 14 to 19 agenda.

Tel: 01227 782993

Hundreds of Girl Guides will be trained as Beatbullying ambassadors through a new programme launched by the Chancellor, Gordon Brown. The initiative will provide guides with the confidence, strategies and means to act as anti-bullying advocates in their schools and community and youth groups, to assist in the education of their peers and to support bullied young people and those who are bullies. It is hoped that other countries will introduce the scheme.

Tel: 020 8771 3377

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