Conferences and Courses

"Science and the quality of life" is the theme of the British Association's Festival of Science at Leicester University, September 9-13. Topics include: infectious diseases; understanding diabetes, cancer, asthma, new variant CJD and other diseases; why some stay slim and others pile on the pounds; how a healthy brain can lead to a happy life and how genetic research will help identify those at risk of brain disorders.Tel: 020 7973

"Teachers helping teachers teach science" is to be the theme of the Association for Science Education's annual meeting at Birmingham University, January 3-5.

Tel: 01707 283000


Training provider, Stands for Education, is running a conference for secondary teachers called "Teaching and Learning in Science: achieving excellence, fostering motivation and meeting the needs of individual students" in Sheffield (November 7) and London (November 26). Key speaker is Carolyn Yates, director of Cognitive Acceleration Programmes. Workshops include: developing pupils' thinking; and the use of whiteboards, concept maps and the internet. Fee: pound;225 plus VAT.

Kate Richards, tel: 0117 983 8800


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