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The British Association for the Advancement of Science's annual festival takes place in Dublin, September 5-9. On the theme, "Setting the agenda for science", it will examine the role of the scientist in public life.

Tel: 0870 770 7101

The Association for Science Education is holding regional conferences in Birmingham, June 10-11; Manchester, June 25; Guildford, July 1; Cambridge, October 15.

Tel: 01707 283000

New ideas for teaching genetics and biotechnology will be provided in secondary training courses at UK venues between May 17 and July 13. Run by Bio-Rad Laboratories, the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council and the Institute of Biology, course topics include DNA fingerprinting and the polymerase chain reaction. No previous experience is required. Fee: Pounds 100.

Tel: 020 8328 2260

Science and Plants in Schools and the Field Studies Council are running a workshop at FSC Orielton, Pembrokeshire, May 20-22. Topics include the extraction of plant enzymes, ecology for beginners at KS4, new ways of teaching photosynthesis at KS4 and ASA2 and using fieldwork for ASA2 coursework. Fee: pound;95 residential.

Tel: 01646 623920 www.field-studies-council.orgprofessional

The Smallpeice Trust, an independent charitable trust promoting engineering as a career, runs a range of courses at UK venues. They include four-day residentials in engineering experience for Year 9S2 students; electronic engineering experience for Year 10S3; robotic engineering for Year 10S3; marine technology for Year 10S3. Fee pound;95 per course. Also available are forensic science for Year 12S5, pound;325; and masterclasses for schools, either in Leamington Spa or at the school, pound;360.

Tel: 01926 333 200

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Tes Editorial

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