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* The Geographical Association's annual conference and resources exhibition on the theme "Geography: Pride of Place" will be held at Birmingham University, April 17-19. Topics covered include "A place in the sun: physical geography in the Tropics", "Trading places" (global and local economies, twinning), and "Place and chips" (computing). Details: Sarah Clarke, GA, 160 Solly Street, Sheffield S1 4BF, tel: 0114 296 0088 or Paul McDermott, Nene University College, Northampton NN2 7AL, tel: 01604 735500 ext. 2068.

* Geography at key stage two: approaches to learning, taking place at the Institute of Education, 20 Bedford Way, London WC1, November 24-25 and December 1, 2 and 8, aims to explore classroom and outdoor teaching strategies. Topics include: physical geography, fieldwork in the school locality, distant places and current curriculum issues, assessment, recording and inspection. Fee: pound;250 (ref. 3361). Details: Graham Tarrant, 0171 612 658991.

* Independent training provider Stands for Education is running courses in December at venues in London, Leeds and Manchester on how to raise levels of achievement in GCSE geography, how to improve geography coursework - raising student achievement at GCSE, and how to make key stage 3 geography assessment effective and manageable. From March, courses are planned in Leeds, London, Birmingham and Manchester on how to improve teaching and learning in geography through the effective use of information communications technology, and how to implement the revised KS3 geography national curriculum. Fee: pound;169 plus VAT. Details: Anna Byron, tel: 0117 983 8800; e-mail:

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