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Conferences and seminars

We welcome more contributions from colleges wishing to publicise courses, seminars and conferences

MAY 3 Assessment management, NVQs Chorley, Lancs CENTRA MAY 4 Governor training: adding value to thecollege's core business Chorley, Lancs.

CENTRA MAY 5 Being assertive London PCET MAY 8 NVQs in construction: key skills 2000 Chorley, Lancs CENTRA Using appraisal for FE teachers' professional development Chorley, Lancs CENTRA Implementing GNVQ part 1 into the school curriculum Walsall CENTRA May 9 Managing health and safety for trips, visits and activities Chorley, Lancs.

CENTRA Students with mental health difficulties Coventry Network Training Supporting students with eating disorders Wolverhampton CENTRA MAY 1011 Managed learning environments: definition and implementation Stratford-upon-Avon FERLBECTA MAY 12 Self assessment for engineering and construction Chorley, Lancs CENTRA Inclusive learning London.

PCET MAY 16 Managing and delivery of ESOL and EFL programmes Birmingham Network Training Reducing disruptive behaviour in colleges Chorley, Lancs CENTRA MAY 17 Benchmarking academic standards for higher education London QAANSA MAY 19 Going flexible London PCET NVQs in construction: key skills 2000 Durham.

CENTRA MAY 23 The new Learning and Skills Council London Neil Stewart Associates Reducing disruptive behaviour in colleges Wolverhampton CENTRA MAY 24 Assessing GNVQ Science 2000 Chorley, Lancs.

CENTRA Two-day annual conference for heads with responsibility for students with learning difficulties Tewkesbury Network Training MAY 25 Access to learning for people with learning difficulties London NIACE Learning directors: FE's newsuperteachers Derby Tertiary College (01332 576373) Practical market research for post-16 institutions Chorley, Lancs CENTRA MAY 26 Manaing a research project London PCET Effectively managing student data London Network Training Basic skills seminar Devizes Salisbury College (01722 344304).

JUNE 1 Towards the Virtual College Birmingham NABSE JUNE 6 Enhancing post-16 maths with free-standing units Chorley, Lancs CENTRA Induction training for governors Wolverhampton CENTRA FE and the business curriculum Poole, Dorset NABSE (three-day annual conference) JUNE 7 National Engineering Conference 2000: promoting wider participation in engineering Birmingham.

CENTRA Learning creatively Chorley, Lancs CENTRA AS-level citizenship Chelsea FC, London Leeds (June 13) Network Training JUNE 9 Adult learning for a sustainable future Leicester NIACE Self assessment and governors Chorley, Lancs CENTRA JUNE 12 New generation GNVQ construction Chorley, Lancs CENTRA JUNE 15 Mentoring Chorley, Lancs CENTRA Foreign languages and pupils with special education needs Chelsea FC, London Birmingham (June 19) Network Training JUNE 19 Assertiveness skills Chorley, Lancs.

CENTRA JUNE 2021 Senior management in FE Cheltenham Network Training JUNE 21 Building on success: adult learning in colleges Docklands, London NIACE JUNE 22 Practical models for diagnostic assessment of key skills Birmingham Network Training JUNE 26 Learning opportunities for older people Docklands, London NIACE JUNE 27 Personal review for managers in FE Chorley, Lancs CENTRA JUNE 2930 Curriculum management in FE Taunton Network Training JUNE 29 Marketing to increase 16-18 participation Derby Tertiary College (01332 576373) Governor training: college financial health Chorley, Lancs.

CENTRA JUNE 30 Creating effective self-assessment reports for construction and engineering Wolverhampton CENTRA July 2428 Family Learning Week Salisbury College (01722 344324).

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