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Coping With Stress booklet for teachers

Anticipating the arrival of Class 9C or the Ofsted guest can leave teachers feeling a little like Hamlet on the battlements. The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune will seem less malignant with Coping With Stress by your side.

This timely eight-page booklet from the Schoolteachers Friendly Society offers useful advice. It covers recognising the symptoms of stres, from ulcers to moodiness and chocolate addiction; understanding its causes; and, most valuable, preparing for its onset and defeating it.

Coping With Stress is free from the Schoolteachers' Friendly Society, 30 Mather Avenue, Liverpool L18 5HS. Tel: 0151 724 1930. Fax: 0151 724 1971. Website:

Yolanda Brooks and Tom Deveson

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