NHS staff 'lost for words' by mystery students' gift

A group of sixth-form students who arranged for pizzas to be delivered to NHS staff have caused an internet sensation

Joshua Lowe

Coronavirus: A group of sixth-formers have caused an internet sensation after arranging for pizza to be delivered to frontline NHS staff

Teenagers are not often portrayed positively in media, but anyone who works in colleges and schools knows that Gen Z possesses untold empathy and kindness. 

The latest group of students to exemplify this did so by clubbing together to send pizzas to hungry NHS staff working at a trust in the North Midlands.

Tina T, an NHS staff member who posted a photo of the delivery on social media, said she was “lost for words at the kindness”.

The message has gone somewhat viral, too, with over 36,000 likes and over 3,500 retweets.

Coronavirus: Students say thank you to NHS staff with pizza

One Twitter user said: “Aww, what brilliant young people. What a fantastic, kind, thoughtful gesture.” 

The students also inspired others who have been asking how they can do the same.

Unfortunately, we don’t know who these mystery students are, although the internet would love to know in order to thank them and their school.

Perhaps the fact that they want to remain unknown is itself another insight into their character. As the saying goes, a good deed is its own reward.

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